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Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 

Fear ~ Less

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Fear ~ Less


Fear ~ Less

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Elements: Filipendula ulmaria, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Piper methysticum, Taraxacum officinale, Ginkgo, Valeriana officiniallis, Mentha piperita 

Caffeine Free

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Push through your storm cloud anxieties and earth-quaking doubt, you can see the labyrinth for what it is: not walls, but a mess of converging, tangled pathways twisting off in every direction. You know there’s a right route, but where? Turn on the headlights. Suddenly a golden thread, like gossamer spidersilk, appears for you to trace with your courageous heart. Hit the blinker and move. Before you know it, there’s the clearing. Step out into the open, into a place of calm certainty and soothed alertness.

Ground yourself through this stimulating earthy tea. The stir of Ginkgo encourages movement and provides the mental stamina needed to pursue your goals with wild abandon. Sedative Kava and Valerian root allow you to analyze situations from new, calmer perspectives. Diuretic Dandelion releases the physical stress and anxiety we hold in our stomachs, while Meadow sweet and Holy Basil serve as antimicrobials, healing ulcers throughout the mouth and digestive system. Purifying Peppermint rounds out this mild and sweet herbal brew. Proceed through life with the knowledge and clarity that you are more powerful than any obstacle in your way.