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Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 

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Elements: Camellia sinensis, Zingiber officinale, Prunus serotina, Tanacetum parthenium, Sambucus nigra, Aloysia citrodora, Mentha spicata, Trifolium pretense 


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Light piercing, eyes squint, and the pain radiates. Are you desperate for relief and a way to escape the pain? Bathe your body in the essence of earth. Allow the corners of the world to fold over on each other to reveal the secrets of her healing powers. She is here to heal, to mend, and to love. She will show you the way. Follow her trail to places undiscovered, and run into her embrace. Her enveloping protection puts you beyond the reach of harm. No head of state is better watched over.


Strengthen your body’s natural defenses with this potent aromatic blend. Smokey gunpowder green tea paired with pungent ginger root boosts the immune system, relieves achy joints, and helps prevent the production of free radicals. Anti- inflammatory feverfew reduces headaches, while red clover serves as a detoxifying blood cleanser. Elderberry leaf and flowers aid sinus and respiratory ailments, and wild cherry bark acts as a cough suppressant. Lemon verbena supports immune function, and relieves anxiety, while spearmint provides digestive relief. Give your body the artillery it needs to fend off any ailments that strike.