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Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 

Sepulchre Vine

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Sepulchre Vine


Sepulchre Vine

from 11.00

Elements: Crataegus laevigata, Rubus idaeus, Taraxacum, Rosa damascena

Caffeine Free

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The silent keeper of your sanctuary, you stride the boundaries of this world and that world on sturdy legs, through a wrought-iron gateway of twisting snakes. The air is the clearest here, Holy. The stones mark spaces of rest and transition. Pure light of the sun and the moon touch truth daily. This is a place for focused healing, for communion with the center.

Pound a drum, straighten your spine and slide into those riding boots. Your carriage awaits. Courage and protection is provided by these four simple plants. Rose gently nourishes the lungs and boosts Vitamin C. Raspberry leaf suppresses the virus while strengthening weary bones and joints. Tenacious Dandelion reduces inflammation, forging iron into blood. Completed with the quickened brute strength of Hawthorn Berry, this blend helps regulate core body temperature while lowering blood pressure. Intrepidity and safekeeping channeled into the force of four. Respect recovery inside this earth vessel and carry on….