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Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 


Our Story

Tea Witch Tea founder Tru began her small tea company in 2011.  She felt that she wasn't getting enough vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in a lot of the teas available within the open market. Thirty years into a career as a holistic esthetician, she felt and wanted to broaden her knowledge of plants and science by attending Herb school in Ithaca, New York.

“I had always known fundamentally and intuitively that organic herb-based topical applications produced more effective results.”-Tru

In September of that year, she arrived home from an herbal conference in New Mexico to learn of a large political and social movement in New York City - Occupy Wall Street. She was so taken by the cause and the determined protestors that she knew she had to become involved in some way. After researching the movement she discovered a local Rochester based chapter for Occupy Wall Street and went to observe their meetings, and protests. As the months progressed, she watched the campers, who were initially vibrant, healthy, and excited about what was going on, become affected by the winter environment; their spirits and health declining. So she began bringing them home brewed tea, and little by little, she watched as they regained their health and spirit.  Tru realized that she really wanted to focus on wholeness, health, and tea. Inspired by this realization, she travelled to Salem, MA, feeling as though if there was any place that would have teas on the shelf that were a little different, more medicinal and wild crafted, that they would probably be there. However, she was shocked to find that there were no healing teas in Salem. It was from all this that she was inspired to create Tea Witch Tea - a medicinal and organic herbal tea company.

From our humble beginnings, the mission of Tea Witch Tea has always surrounded the ritual within the cup - the idea that tea drinking is a sublime pleasure and that ancient medicine can be brewed and relished, shared with company, or enjoyed in solitude. We take pride in selecting only the finest and purest ingredients, and we strive to create purely organic, hand-blended tea: root, flower, stem and seed allows people to reconnect with the abundance of planet Earth. Tea Witch Tea formulates all tea locally and in small batches with a very tiny green footprint, conscious that the planet is large, however our waste is not.

About the Founder

Tea Witch Tea founder, Tru, is an entrepreneur based out of Rochester, NY whose unique talents have been applied to all things organic. She seeks to rejuvenate the body and the mind. Tru has always had a particular love for tea and decided to share that love with the world. Not only has Tru applied her talents to the tea world but is also an accomplished small business owner. She is the owner of BluWater Spa in Rochester, NY.