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Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 


Proper Brewing

Standard measurement is tricky. Generally tea leaves are protected by the outer tea bag, however, Tea Witch Tea loose-leaf herbs have less protecting the delicate leaf. Note that very little tea actually goes into a tea bag; so if you use that as your reference, start out small. Herbal tisane and green tea can become bitter if you boil too hot. Enjoy the Ritual Within the Cup by welcoming the idea that you have the ability to connect with the plants. We encourage you to find your own ritual by playing with the amount of tea you use. The time you steep your tea will vary according to your personal preference and the herbs you are using. You may also re-pour the water again over the plants' leaves and enjoy repeatedly. The herbs continue to contain medicinal properties that can be used again and again.

See the chart below for our recommended starting points.  You may also want to experiment in your own kitchen by employing a mortar and pestle to grind the herbal leaf down further.

Enjoy this ritual exactly how you choose!