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1381 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA, 70130
United States

(504) 407-0694

Tea Witch Tea is a locally-formulated and 100% organic tea line based out of Rochester, New York. Experience the Ritual Within the Cup. 

Tea Witch Cafe

Tea Witch Cafe is the only tea house in New Orleans that makes all their own tea blends and specializes in organic, non-GMO, and artisanal tea.   

new Orleans TEa House

True Tea Shop.jpg

The Tea Witch Cafe in New Orleans

It is somewhat ironic that a tea house would start with a cup of coffee. Tru, the Tea Witch, was passing through New Orleans on her way to New Mexico. Always on the prowl for novel experiences, she serendipitously stopped by a tiny coffee shop on Magazine street. Tru was the only customer on a rainy day and as she always does, she found herself chatting with the coffee shop owner about her life story. After trading visions of fresh starts and new horizons, it was clear that the owner of the coffee shop was moving in a new direction. Two hours of conversation later, Tru was on her way to opening a tea house in that very shop in New Orleans.

Tea Witch Tea' s latest enterprise, Tea Witch Cafe, combines many of the aesthetic elements that have made every Tea Witch Tea project unique. With an obsession for artistic design, an appreciation for craftsmanship, and reverence for the powerful medicine of the herbaceous, Tru and her co-conspirators have created another remarkable space to experience.

Months of work have gone into the design. Weaving antique architectural elements into the Creole Cottage style building has been a challenge. Moving 1,000 pounds of curly maple panels for the bar top and shelves from upstate New York to the Lower Garden District posed some unique logistical hurdles. Artists from all over have contributed their talents to the project.

All of this effort, expense, and countless hours were all invested to frame the real masterpiece, the tea itself. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of the diversity of tastes and textures of tea the menu of Tea Witch Cafe offers. Decades of study and experimentation have proven there is such a thing as alchemy. Drawing from her arsenal of over 100 herbs, the Tea Witch has formulated dozens of blends. From the subtle interplay of kukicha and cardamom to the intense experience of gourmet matcha, the Tea Witch creates a work of art, and a ritual, in every cup.


Visit the Tea Witch Cafe and refresh yourself and your senses.

Wednesday ~ Sunday Noon - 6:00 pm

Closed Tuesday

Special times with Events